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Behind the Scenes | Grace & Oliver | AW15


At Grace & Oliver, we are incredibly proud of our unique and incredibly stylish coats, which is why it gives us great joy to see them being worn and adored. In anticipation of the imminent arrival of autumn, we recently had our seasonal photo shoot. This was a fantastic chance for the designers, photographers and the models to see and try on our exclusive new range.

Unfortunately, public transport was not on our side on our shoot day as the Tube strike left our model held up in manic London traffic. However, once everyone had arrived and got settled we were able to get the entire team together to talk about the brand and our high hopes for the day.

Fortunately, we had an absolutely fantastic team of photographers, stylists and make-up artists on board to ensure that the entire shoot was perfect. Amongst the hustle and bustle of preparation, set adjustments and wardrobe changes, there was an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. The entire team were entirely focused on the project at hand and were enjoying watching the photo shoot magic unfold.

The morning was spent carefully setting up the lighting to make sure that we could really capture the personality and vibrancy of our coats. As the pace picked up, our photographer began to take an extensive variety of shots for every coat style in order to construct a truly distinctive portfolio. We even shot a short video to give our customers an exclusive peak at our coats in action.

Disaster struck just before lunch as a paper filter attached to one of our lights caught alight. The burning filter fell on to our photo screen, which also burst into flames. Fortunately, the keen eye of our team meant the blaze was put out before too much damage was done.

After a great lunch where the Grace & Oliver team had the chance to meet a variety of other leading brands who were also photographing at the studio, the team got back to business. The afternoon went without a hitch, with our coats being captured in a flurry of high quality photos. We are pleased to say we got some truly fantastic shots and we cannot wait for our launch on the 27th July.

All in all, we were incredibly impressed with the day and we are ecstatic with the end results. We would like to thank everyone involved for creating such a successful shoot.