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Traditional tailoring, timeless style and high fashion

The Grace & Oliver Story

Grace & Oliver is a brand born not only from a passion of the finest designer outerwear, but also from the frustration of being unable to find exceptional quality for the right price. We couldn't find the beautifully and thoughtfully designed coats that we wanted to see on the market, so we decided to start making them ourselves.

Our coat brand has been at the top end of the market for 90 years. This pedigree of coat was sold by the likes of Selfridges and Harrods, but a competitive market eventually meant a drop in price and quality. Here at Grace & Oliver, we want to recreate a top end experience.

At Grace & Oliver we currently have four full time and three freelance designers working on our luxury coats. With experience ranging from recent graduates to 30 years in the industry, our designers form an unstoppable creative team brimming with stunning outerwear ideas and concepts.

Our designers have their fingers on the pulse of the fashion industry.  Utilising gorgeous key fabrics, the creative minds at Grace & Oliver are constantly working on new and stimulating designs that will be adored and worn for generations.

Our materials are mostly sourced from Prato in Italy where we only work with the top end mills and suppliers. We produce our own unique samples using our pattern cutters and sample rooms that are buzzing with artistic energy. We then work closely with two of the best factories in Europe in order to ensure our coats are manufactured to perfection.

We believe that an exquisite coat is an investment, not a fashion accessory. This is exactly why we create coats featuring fine tailoring and unique fabrics and styles. We want our customers to be able express their individuality in our coats, rather than having to settle for generic and low quality high street trends.

Our vision is for every coat to be a delightful consumer experience and every wear to bring a new and exciting adventure. View our latest men's and women's range to find your dream designer coat.